Adore Founder
Jodine Basterash
"You are a beautiful treasure box,
 full of value & worth."
Jodine Basterash is a domestic violence advocate, author, and motivational speaker. As a 14 year domestic violence survivor, she has developed an expertise on dating abuse and understands the vicious cycle and impact that domestic violence creates not only for the victim, but the family as a whole.  

Jodine has been a rebellious teen, a single teenage mother, a wife, a divorcee and, above all, a woman of unique courage. Acquainted early in life with turmoil, Jodine's circumstances shaped her perspective and strengthened her to overcome the challenges she would encounter later in life. She has endured lack of self identity, low self esteem, multiple rapes, rejection, growing up fatherless and abuse, yet today her faith and compassion for others are stronger than ever. 

Her passionate belief in the power of greater self-awareness and personal accountability is the motivating force behind her work to empower others to create empowered lives and healthier relationships. Jodine carries a deep-seeded passion within her to deliver messages of hope, encouragement, inspiration, celebration and affirmation for the soul. 

Jodine has spoke at press conferences with the Governor of WI, the Department of Justice Law Enforcement Trainings and appeared on numerous radio and television programs to name a few. She has been featured and wrote for local newspapers and is a monthly staff writer for Girlfriend’s Health Guide Magazine. Ms. Basterash sits on the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Chicago Battered Women’s Network servicing 75+ domestic violence agencies in Cook County, IL, as well as two additional domestic violence service agencies in Milwaukee, WI. She is the founder of Speak Your Peace Against Domestic Violence and Adore To Empower, a women’s empowerment initiative. Jodine has received numerous awards and recognitions for her courage and determination to educate the public regarding domestic violence and empowering survivors to live on purpose. She shares a dynamic message of having the courage to shine through adversity and the unlimited power of choice in our lives. She has been sought out as a positive example of how we do not have to be products of our circumstances and encourages women of all ages to press pass their pain and live their best life now. She is a firm believer that we have the power within ourselves to rise above our past and create the life we choose. Her story is proof that it's never too late for a new beginning. 

​Dedicating my life to Adore To Empower because I want to help many women turn their lives around through my life experiences. Every woman on this planet is a Ruby and should be Adored. Sometimes we don’t recognize this, or don’t have the strategies that we need to live our lives to the fullest and be happy.

I have always been determined not to become a ‘victim’ of circumstances. My mission to learn and find new ways of overcoming these has been the foundation of my own happiness and success. I have learned so much on my personal journey both emotional and through my professional training, inspiring me to pass on some of the tools and strategies that I have learned that have made a difference to my own life.