Feel empowered and inspired in all areas of your life by participating in all Adore has to offer! Joining the movement is open to those who are interested in women’s issues, volunteerism, mentoring, and networking via socializing and networking with others of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Your contribution will and does make a difference, however big or small it may be. Connect, educate and support women of all ages and backgrounds and give back to your community through mentorship, networking and volunteerism.

TEACH Personal & professional development workshops & seminars, webinars, teleconferences

RESOURCES - Be added to our resources section where women can benefit from assisting them to continue their growth/advancement.

BUSINESS MENTOR - Supporters can share their knowledge and help guide others in their career journey or optimize their career growth by partnering with a mentor in the industry she is interested in pursuing. 

GAIN EXPOSURE - Supporters can promote themselves, their business, or any venture they want to publicize by taking advantage of our upcoming Supporter Classifieds page offering business services, upcoming events, job opportunities, etc.

SPREAD THE WORD - Help us get the word out about Adore To Empower! Your voice is powerful! Whether it's wearing Adore Clothing, sharing our marketing materials at your establishment/business, or "sharing" our content and groups on social media.

EVENT ATTENDANCE - Enjoy yourself while showing support & raising awareness! Adore hosts a variety of events throughout the year with music & dancing, raffles, Adore health & wellness days, empowerment workshops & seminars, networking mixers, travel and more!

VOLUNTEER - We offer a range of options for you to get involved – whether you're looking for an ongoing volunteer duty or a one-time-only project. Once we learn more about you we can match your talents to fulfilling a task.

DONATIONS - From time to time,needs arise. Whether it's assisting someone who has hardship financially due to a loss or relocation, or items needed for their home or family. There may also be times where Adore wants to host a much needed retreat to empower women to climb to the next level. Due to the wide range of demographics that we serve, there may be times where additional resources are needed. Whatever the need is, your small donation will help make a difference when needed. 

Adore To Empower was created to help survivors heal and reclaim their lives virtually and through a local sisterhood chapter for domestic violence victims, survivors, and others who want to take part in the “healing” process or know someone who has been touched by domestic violence. Our focus is designed to empower women through addressing the physical, emotional/mental, and social effects of their experiences. Adore is a place where victims and survivors can network, get support, and obtain helpful resources which will provide them with tools to move forward to a healthier and happier life. 

​BREAK ISOLATION - Connect with women who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their relationships within a safe, confidential forum drawing comfort from those who understand.

SUPPORT - Support is provided for women who are unsure of their next step, even if that next step involves remaining with the abuser. 

SUPPORT GROUPS - Participation in support groups can be a key to unlocking the loneliness, shame, and isolation. 

LEARN - Build healthy relationships, self-awareness, respect, positive coping skills and communication, self-confidence, self-esteem/self-worth, conflict resolution, personal safety planning, self care, living without shame, trust, and more. 

​NETWORK - Meet new people

FUN - Adore's sisterhood is also about having FUN via retreats, events/outing, activities, spa days, community involvement and more!​

RESOURCES -  Resources provided empowering women to make better choices for themselves. 


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