Each and every one of us is unique in our own special way. Sadly, it has been the abusers job to tear down the self esteem and make the victim feel unwanted, unappreciated, unloved, not accepted and not worthy of anything. 

Adore to Empower is formed as a social support group that connects, educates, empowers, inspires and supports women with the resources, skills and confidence necessary to lead them into a healthy lifestyle. By building partnerships with individuals and communities, Adore strives to help break the silence and the cycle of domestic violence. We offer many opportunities to connect through various networking mixers, professional development workshops, activities, entertainment, health and wellness, FUN and more! . 

Adore believes each woman can be the author and the hero of her own life. While she gains the tools to rebuild her life, she reclaims her dignity and inner strength discovering her empowered voice and becomes the author of her future. Most importantly, she regains something life changing - her hope.

Our programs not only help women on their journey to healing and restoration, but also gives them the unconditional and lifetime bonds of friendship that we call SISTERHOOD.

We are connecting globally through social media, events, blog interactions, conference calls and more.

Why Domestic Violence Survivors?
Unfortunately, 1 in every 4 women are affected by domestic violence. ​Helping women achieve self-reliance is the best long-term solution to this shocking fact. Lack of support and empowerment is often the critical missing piece for many domestic violence survivors. Sadly, not all victims or survivors receive the help or support that they need for various reasons. And if they do, it is only for a short period. As time moves on, the following questions continually appear, "How do I heal? How do I forgive? How do I stop the cycle? How do I move on? Who am I?"

Why the Ruby as our Logo?
Looking through the window of a jewelry store, we know it’s more than what we see on the surface that makes the jewelry costly. There is a long and difficult journey hidden in the heart of each beautiful gemstone. It is the journey that creates the rare and unique qualities that make them so valuable. The discovery of learning your worth is not very different from that of a precious ruby. What is valuable in women is developed by time, heat, and pressure forming them into powerful and enduring gemstones. Like jewels, we are being cut, shaped, and polished to become who and what we are. Each of us has something beautiful about us, even if it is hidden. The challenge for many of us is our inability to recognize and define our own inner and outer beauty. 

As many of us are unaware, the Ruby is the undisputed ruler of gemstones. For example, the Ruby was used as part of the foundation in Kingdoms and Palaces. The Ruby is the chief cornerstone in the Kings breastplate surrounded by beautiful diamonds and other gemstones. When a precious Ruby was found, a grand entrance was presented throughout the Kingdom for everyone to see. In Proverbs 31:6 it says, "Who can find a Virtuous woman for she is more valuable than rubies." If research shows that the Ruby was used in these ways, and is that precious and valuable, and the Bible says that a Virtuous woman is MORE
valuable than Rubies, do you see your worth?

Whatever your condition or circumstance, perhaps you are not yet finished being shaped and polished into a beautiful jewel. Like a jewelry designer who selects the perfect setting for a beautiful gem, God formed you, then shaped and polished you, and has already prepared the path for your life. 

It is our Founder's mission to help every women discover her Ruby’s Worth enduring time, heat, and pressure passing the tests of difficult times forming her into that precious ruby. Allow the pressures of your painful past to bring to the surface the best of who you are. No one can be you but you! 

  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Discover your true worth
  • Overcome challenges embracing your true potential creating an inspiring future 

"Adore responds to the unique needs of each woman."
"Noone can be you but you!"
Together we can heal and transform relationships to celebration and empowerment!